Growr on Facebook: Each Tuesday we share one authentic advice for the global youth

In July 2014, Growr officially got its Facebook site, thanks to Dominique Mvunabandi, and we hope you are following us: ! :) 
Growr Facebook realm has become the space for true authentic sharing of TIPS for personal or career development, i.e. TIPS for true Grow(R)ing! Each Tuesday, Growr publishes one authentic TIP and this has started on the morning of July 30 when Growr team got THE first spark and ignited the first advice: ...

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Growr Pioneers badges are here!

July greeting Growr-ers! In midst of summer months, we have finally added Growr Pioneer badges to the profiles of all mentors and mentees who have joined the Growr Peer-to-Peer mentorship platform in its testing period.

This badge is all-time badge and it recognizes your pioneering time at Growr, affirming your development and participatory activities in Growr during its very initial phase.

This initial phase is now behind; we are now moving forward and need to decide on ...

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Orientate with ease around Growr!

In the very end of February and the very beginning of March 2014, Challenge:Future team launched the Growr  platform, a space where  you can mentor someone who can grow from your expertise and experience or learn and be coached from your peer from the other side of the world.
Some great inter-continental connections have already been made and just in a little more while we will see how these connections will grow forming and ever uprising ...

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Today is a good day to be alive

Do you wonder what would be the features of an amazing mentor? Well, there are many answers but one is for sure: those are the mentors who have their wide range of experiences aside their good qualities… the ones who were not afraid to Fail!

Meet  one among them! Jose Antonio Morales is an award-mentors within the current QC My best fail story of the year 2013 at the C:F platform. Jose is Chief Failure Officer (wow!!!) ...

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Peer mentorship or Expert mentorship? What’s the difference?

It all started with the idea about peer-to- peer mentoring, a mutual learning, friendship and support process between you and the person who will seriously take the task to make you happy and successful. Besides, our special aim was to ignite as many cross-continental and multicultural mentorship relations as possible.

But in the process of  developing we have found out that the mentorships are just “a stone” in the wider “learning“ picture, and that the peer mentoring has ...

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It’s Talent Jumpstart Time!

We already announced in December 2013 at the Challenge:Future platform that the year 2014 will be all about you. We mentioned that you will have the chance to jumpstart your own talent by jumpstarting the talent of your peers. You will have a peer mentor or an expert mentor, a person who will seriously take the task to make you happy and successful. Time has come that we all launch ourselves into the “learning zone” with a very old ...

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