Growr on Facebook: Each Tuesday we share one authentic advice for the global youth

In July 2014, Growr officially got its Facebook site, thanks to Dominique Mvunabandi, and we hope you are following us: ! :) 
Growr Facebook realm has become the space for true authentic sharing of TIPS for personal or career development, i.e. TIPS for true Grow(R)ing! Each Tuesday, Growr publishes one authentic TIP and this has started on the morning of July 30 when Growr team got THE first spark and ignited the first advice: "When you are asked at the job interview about your work experiences, it's not just about saying what you've done, it's about quantifying the value of those things. So, you have been in a certain job for a year - so what? So you recently implemented a certain social project - what benefits came out of it? You were put in a charge of initiative - why did that turn out to be the best idea ever?" These wordings were the first for happy growing and they led us to the total of 22 authentic pieces of advice shared on Growr Facebook!
As we are now deep in 2015, we have already published 15 amazing tips for happy grow(r)ing! So, if yourself also you are in the mood to be in a truly good company of C:F board members, C:F community members, university professors, business leaders, eminent managers... all of whom have already shared their Growr advice for the global youth, don't hesitate to drop us a message in our inbox. Growr team will respond you in an instance :)
Happy Grow(r)ing!