Growr Pioneers badges are here!

July greeting Growr-ers! In midst of summer months, we have finally added Growr Pioneer badges to the profiles of all mentors and mentees who have joined the Growr Peer-to-Peer mentorship platform in its testing period.

This badge is all-time badge and it recognizes your pioneering time at Growr, affirming your development and participatory activities in Growr during its very initial phase.

This initial phase is now behind; we are now moving forward and need to decide on next steps of Growr’s development. Regardless whether you have the pioneer badge or not, you are most welcome to also try out the new tool at Growr, iASK (you can see it under main menu) which you can use to share your mentorship experiences, share your suggestions for further development, give feedback and report any bugs or deliver other ideas for improvement.

In the first four months of Growr we have made significant baby-steps; now it is time to start making bigger leaps-forward. We can do that much better if you dive in and take action.

Pioneers, salute once again -

Growr, it’s in your hands!