It’s Talent Jumpstart Time!

We already announced in December 2013 at the Challenge:Future platform that the year 2014 will be all about you. We mentioned that you will have the chance to jumpstart your own talent by jumpstarting the talent of your peers. You will have a peer mentor or an expert mentor, a person who will seriously take the task to make you happy and successful. Time has come that we all launch ourselves into the “learning zone” with a very old form of teaching and learning!

The Growr, a baby project that was born with the always vivid spirit of the C:F Community, and always eager to accept all sorts of challenges, is now here! What could possibly be the outcomes? We will never be able to find out if we are never to set off.

So, are you ready to join this journey? Yes, you are!

First things first: what’s the story behind? How we define mentorship and what’s the word origin?

The story goes that it was Mentor, the wise friend of the mythical Greek warrior Odysseus, the one who takes charge of Odysseus’ son Telemachus while his father is fighting the Trojan War. Mentor was to teach Odysseus. The word Mentor associates us with mentos, the mind or the intention of action with a mindful purpose or mindful action. The old word links us to “thinking” as understood as a mental activity. So today mentoring in a sense stands for the one of the oldest forms of teaching, the relationship among the mentee and the mentor.

How mentorship and Growr aligns with Challenge:Future?

Growr is a NEW baby of C:F that will actually evolve into a special place: an on-line hub where peers from different corners of the world will have the opportunity to grow together and develop personally, professionally and academically. The story goes back in October 2013 when C:F team executed the evaluation and survey among TOP 50 CF-ers and have found out that in the time of fast growing youth unemployment, mentorship activities can come as crucial for the youth and their career growth. Afterwards, magic happened at C:F strategic meetings in Ljubljana ,November 2013 when CF-er Hayley (Canada) announced that it will be it - Peer 2 Peer Mentorship. Then, CF President Andreja dived for few more weeks in research on the youth needs, future expectations and has soon framed the very first structure. IT master Aleš spent Christmas vacation and weekends on coding... This long chain of events bring us up to these moments in the year 2014, that comes as your time and place to be part of something significant. Peer 2 Peer Mentorship - It’s in your hands now!

What is next?

We are very grateful to all volunteers in the testing group for feedback, suggestions and support. A few months from now this evolving learning on-line hub will be the place where a peer from Singapore will communicate and solve personal worries with the help from someone from Nigeria. We are about to set a journey where a young entrepreneur from the heart of Balkans will try to learn a new language under the mentoring of his peer from India. In this journey, older will connect with younger, cultures will meet and greet; and where someone will come up with an awesome start up idea or will launch a super-cool webpage that will win the hearts of thousands young people. With the communication bond you will make as mentees and mentors, you will give birth to mutual growth, mutual nurturing, expertise in different fields; you will create a unique resource of memories. Amused to take this adventure?

You can still join pilot team, the team that will try out and test how all of this will function. Join, by just writing to challengefuture@growr and CF team will contact you. Official launch is on February 28th 2014.


Happy growing!