Orientate with ease around Growr!

In the very end of February and the very beginning of March 2014, Challenge:Future team launched the Growr  platform, a space where  you can mentor someone who can grow from your expertise and experience or learn and be coached from your peer from the other side of the world.
Some great inter-continental connections have already been made and just in a little more while we will see how these connections will grow forming and ever uprising mutual core.
Mentorships on Growr are now classified as (1) active mentorships and (2) open mentorships. Go through the active mentorships here http://www.growr.net/active-mentorships/ and you will see the most diverse group of mentors-mentees connections and these include: Nigeria – India, Canada – India, Slovenia – Pakistan, Macedonia – The Philippines, Canada – Iran and these will continue to form sailing us into the great wide open.
Go to the open mentorships here: http://www.growr.net/open-mentorships/ and look around. Maybe your future mentor or mentee is awaiting you for your inbox message here. Review the profiles and see which are the skills that each person is interested to learn from a mentor OR is willing to offer  to a mentee.
Need further help for the matching process with your mentor or mentee?
 If you are shy enough to contact them, they will contact you as the time comes; the C:F Mentorship action team members Stefan, Nihada , Jatin , Iulia or Hayley will assist you and give you suggestion for your potential mentor or mentee.
Finally, you still need to resolve some aspects and traits of Growr platform? Some valuable answers can be found at the Frequently Asked Questions section http://www.growr.net/faq/ and the Growr blogging space here http://www.growr.net/blog/
So, what are you waiting for? It’s truly a talent jumpstart time. Let’s growr!