How does on-line mentorship work?

You can select peer-to-peer or expert mentorship at the very same time by completing mentors and/or mentee registration. You can be up to 5 (five) times mentor to someone or you can have up to 5 (five) mentors at the very same time*. You will share knowledge, advice, support and you will collaborate with mentor/mentee in your mentorship rooms. You will be able to access your mentorship room any time. We strongly advise you to discover as much as you can about each other (your mentor or mentee), set up your own schedule and way to communicate, either through mentorship room, Skype, e-mail or phone.

*Upon your request, you can participate and be mentor or mentee more than 5 times in the same time. Buzz the Growr team at the following e-mail address:

Why to become Mentor?

Because mentoring is inspiring, motivating, life-changing, challenging and noble; it opens possibility for you to explore, research and learn in such unconventional ways... and the reasons can only multiply as we speak. The best way to confirm your understanding of something is to share it with someone else. And don't forget that we all have things we are passionate about and we all have valuable knowledge to share. So, why keep it to ourselves only?

Why to become Mentee?

Because you will gain the support, advice, encouragement, and even friendship from amazing peers and experts around the globe! You will find someone who will care about you as the whole person, not just the academic or career side of you. You will explore and collaborate with mentors from completely different cultures, countries and continents. Last but not least, we all need each other to fulfill our individual potentials and we need to be part of something bigger. It IS not only helping us to reach our goals, but even more significantly, we'll never be alone.

What is Peer-Mentorship?

The peer-to-peer mentoring is a relation of mutual learning and friendship. The peer-mentor will care for the whole person of its peer-mentee, not just their academic or career side. The peer-mentor will also seriously take the task to support the mentee, to challenge him/her with new ideas, and to encourage the mentee to move beyond the things that are most comfortable; to push this person out of their comfort zone. Most peer-mentors are picked for their confidence, empathy, social skills and reliability.

When to select Peer-Mentorship?

Either you are mentor or mentee, it is about two peers who get involved and start to collaborate together with the aim for some mutual growth in a specific time period, that is usually long one (for instance at least one semester or preferably one school or calendar year). The mutual growth from this mentorship can come from personal aspect, or professional, or academic. Therefore, mentor someone who can grow from your moral and creative perspectives or learn and be coached from your peer.

What is Expert Mentorship?

The expert mentorship is when you provide or when you need support, advice and encouragements for more specific skills, tasks, projects, and goals. It is built on transfer of the particular knowledge, skills and of competences based on the mentors expertise and experiences. The idea is that there is no encouragement that the mentor's goals, aspirations or dreams are reproduced in the mentee; even better: the idea is that the mentees take the possibility to use the knowledge in their own manner, writing down their own history. Successful mentors tend to be available, knowledgeable, educated through diversity issues; empathic, personable, encouraging, supportive and passionate.

When to select Expert Mentorship?

When you possess specific expertise, knowledge, skills and experiences you can mentor someone that has the needs for these specific skill share, learning, advice, encouragement and support. The same apply for mentee: if you are facing a real problem: a project; an exam; working on thesis; have idea about start-up; social project; have need for coding; designing a presentation; writing a poem; preparing a business plan or any specific challenge, then do not wait on others but learn by taking action. Learn from your peers, by getting feedback, by making mistakes and by reaching real goals!

What if the mentor/mentee is not accepting my invitation?

There could be multiple reasons: from time pressure to prior agreement with someone else. Do not take this as a failure but as simple encouragement that "the" right mentor/mentee is still awaiting you. Search for other person and repeat the process of invitation.

When does the mentorship end?

Once the mentorship room is opened for both the mentee and the mentor, you will both need to frame the goal of the mentorship activity, the time frame and the milestones. Furthermore, you will also have the chance to change any of the settings at any point; however any change must be confirmed from both the sides.

Can I close a mentorship before the end of the period?

Either the mentor or the mentee can close the mentorship at any point, however you will be asked for a particular feedback that will deliver the reasons of the mentorship termination. By this, a protection from further disappointments of the mentor/mentee will be secured and as a team, the feedback will help us on how all can be improved when it comes to mentorship relations.

Why the Growr looks like a market place for professional?

In reality, some people who have only 1 or 2 years of expertise might be better mentors than some people who have 20 years of experience for the pure fact that they are simply better at teaching and nurturing thoughts and ideas. There is also the question of limited time; that you cannot have more than 3 mentees at the same time for instance - we have recognized this also as a huge opportunity.

The Growr should develop and evolve in the future into an e-learning hub with e-learning tools that are to provide each and every member the opportunity to share and spread their knowledge, skills, experiences, observations... to a bigger number of people around the globe and to gain the opportunity also to generate some income out of it.