Growr is a global learning community for education and career growth. Our peer-to-peer mentoring is bridging the gap between real-world skills, relevant education, and employment. Mentor someone who can grow from your expertise OR learn and be coached from your peer. You can offer or receive knowledge, advice, encouragement, support and you can collaborate with mentor/mentee in your special mentorship room. The platform is open to anyone, at any age, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Let the journey begin

Browse among the mentors and mentees lists and discover as much as you can about potential mentors or menthes.

In the left column in your profile you will find button for "Open mentorship-mentor" or "Open mentorship - mentee". After clicking appropriate select the type of mentorship that you are looking for, either peer-to-peer of expert mentorship and submit your form. Please note that even if you are listed as mentor or mentee without Open mentorship form others members cannot apply for you. You can open up to five (5) Open mentorships to mentor and up to 5 (five) Open mentorships to be mentee.

If you have specific questions please search among FAQ or contact us on

Mentor or mentees can ask potential mentor/mentee additional questions

Mentor or mentees can tag as interested potential mentor or mentee

When you select your preferred mentor/mentee you must click APPLY FOR mentor/mentee. In apply form you must explain why would you like exactly him or her as your mentor/mentee.

when mentor or mentee receive invitation he or she can: (available from February 28th)

ask potential mentor/mentee for additional information

accept or decline

if accept (available from February 28th)

Discover as much as possible about each other, set up your own schedule and style of communicating. It could be by Skype, through emails, whatever both people choose.

The mentorship room appears in your "profile" under "active mentorships" where you will work, communicate and collaborate with your mentor and mentee:

  • Title of your mentorship (any name, could be both yours first names)
  • Set the goals of your mentorship
  • Set the deadline to achieve the goal and the target of the goal
  • Set at least three milestones with targets to check the progress
  • Under which category is your mentorship (up to three) and which skills are planned to obtain by mentee

if decline (available from February 28th)

repeat the search

You will be able to access your mentorship room any time. We strongly advice you to discover as much as you can about each other (your mentor or mentee), set up your own schedule and way to communicate, either through mentorship room, Skype, email or phone.