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Hi, please let us know what would you like to see on Growr and how to facilitate your mentor/mentee search and/or collaboration with him/her.

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From: Amena Rahman on Jul 23 2014 at 11:26AM

My mentor and I had very good conversations privately. However, I thought perhaps there should be a forum where mentees/mentors could discuss difficulties or solutions. If there is such a thing and I wasn't aware of it, then it needs better advertising.

From: Nihada Prnjavorac on Jul 25 2014 at 11:13AM

I did not have a mentor or mentee so far due to lack of free time, but I was suggesting mentorships to Growr members and from my point of view, it is not easy to suggest people to match. There is a section About me, but sometimes it says a lot about member, sometimes it says little. It would be great to have some way to filter the results, as it was not easy to keep track of mentore in one tab and mentees looking for mentors in the other.

From: Nihada Prnjavorac on Jul 25 2014 at 11:57AM

p.s. maybe we could prepare more detailed guidelines about mentorships, how to update a profile to be easier to match, what to be careful about, how to set goals of the mentorship etc.

From: Stefan Alievikj on Aug 08 2014 at 6:22PM

Hi Nihada, part of the things you are mentioning will be featured in "Growr Orientation Package"... I am moreover referring to for example setting goals for mentorships, or what to be careful about... there is already a draft of this document that needs to be finalized. This draft also includes conversations starters and suggests ideas for activities among mentor and mentee.
A short guide for profile update... yes, maybe something like that can be arranged as well in addition

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