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Anna Everson

I am interested
content marketer , WriteMyEssay
University of Toronto

Five words that describe me

Copywriter, marketer, cooking and yoga woman

I am a Mentor

I can offer knowledge, skills, competences and experiences in

I have an incredible amount of experience related to teaching children, developing a learning strategy. Also, without any problems, I'll set the right learning vector for you, regardless of your knowledge.

I am a Mentee

I need the following knowledge, skills, competences and experiences in

For me, it is very important that I always want to study, because they say: "There is no limit to perfection." That's why I want to increase my skills and experience in the field of education. I really like to work as a teacher. So, if you have any knowledge that I do not have, then we can mutually profitable.


About me

My name is Anna, I've worked as a professional copywriter for 3 years after graduating. Additionally, I've spent over a year as a my essay writer for multiple publications in the music industry. I also have 5 years of marketing (and SEO) experience and can add additional value above and beyond general copywriting. I have worked with written content for a large cross section of local and national companies. I like travelling and I have already visited 10 countries. As a hobby I like cooking and yoga. I'm the my essay writer, editor, and social media manager for a web development company since February of 2017.

What have I achieved so far

"Teacher of the Year" in WMESEdu