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Wholetones Chroma

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Musician , Wholetones Chroma
Clarkston, United States

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Musician, photographer, changemaker, bees lover, TEDx speaker


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wholetones chroma promotes socialization and growth of communication, self reflection and motor abilities. Children and adults with autistic spectrum disorder have been found to react very favorably to music and several of them display high degrees of musical skill. wholetones chroma Music encourages verbal as well as non verbal communication and wholetones chroma promotes social interaction and relatedness. It is valuable outlet for self reflection and creativity. It's also been successfully utilized at pain management by providing a distraction from the painful stimulus and a way of relaxation and stress alleviation. Children with developmental and learning disability, wholetones chroma kids and adults with autistic spectrum disorder or special needs and also older people and dementia patients have all been shown into benefit from audio therapy. Even though the advantages of audio therapy have been accepted intuitively and based on anecdotal evidence it was not till lately that quantitative evidence of its effectiveness began to emerge. wholetones chroma In a latest research study conducted by the University of Miami Medical school blood samples of a group of male Alzheimer's disease patients who were treated with audio therapy were found into have significantly elevated levels of melatonin, epinephrine and norepinephrine that are chemicals that act on the brain into control mood, depression, aggression and sleep.

Location: 26 Clement St, Clarkston GA 30021 USA

Occupation: Musician

Interest: Music